How to Buy Used Restaurant Equipment

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Opening a restaurant requires a big investment, with much of that money going into the equipment needed to cook, clean and serve the food. There is a ton of used restaurant equipment available, because it can be a difficult business for many people. While this route can prove to be useful, you have to be wary and choose your equipment wisely so you don’t become one of those failed entrepreneurs.


Take advantage of any used equipment that comes with the building you will be using for your restaurant. This is equipment already fitted into place and tied into the correct electrical and gas lines. Even if you have to pay a little more, this used equipment could save you money in the long run.


Learn the history of the restaurant equipment you are interested in purchasing. If buying from an online liquidator, try to learn the name of the business that went under so that you could research on your own and learn about the previous owners. When you buy from a local seller, find out where they got the equipment to do the same research.


Test the equipment whenever possible before you make the purchase. Plug in the electrical components and make sure they work. Keep an eye out for restaurants in your area that are closing and talk to the owners before they disconnect the equipment. You can see first-hand how it works and make them an offer before they remove the stuff and sell it outside the building.


Ask the seller to give you some kind of guarantee. You may not be able to negotiate a warranty, but you will want to have something in writing about the efficacy of the product in case you end up in a dispute with the seller.


Who should you call for the best deals and most complete inventory of new and used restaurant equipment and supplies in Western Maryland?

Gilbert’s Restaurant Equipment.

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  1. Looking for a 36″ gas range with 4 burners wheels if available. For a restaurant in Alexandria Va

    • We currently do not have any 4 burner ranges in stock used. The only used range in stock is 5′ 10-burner unit.

      Thank you!

  2. Looking for ice cream machine for an ice cream truck

  3. I’m selling a 3door reach in refrigerator, 2 door reach in refrigerator, booth are used and in good condition, I don’t know how much I have to ask for them, can you help me to find a good price for them?

  4. We are looking for two to three side-by-side commercial drink/beer coolers. Must be in excellent working order and look nice. Thanks, Tally

  5. WE are looking for a small gas grill with a brunner on it, also looking for a refrigerator and a freezer and a ice maker.we are opening a rest. in Salisbury, md

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